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The Maldives is one of the most unique holiday destinations in the world! A vast underwater mountain range makes up the country, less than 4% of which breaks the water’s surface. The visible tips of the range form over 1000 low-lying islands. Roughly 200 of these islands are inhabited, and nearly 100 of them have been developed as luxury tourist resorts.

The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, at the top of the equator. The country enjoys year-round warm weather and a consistent average temperature of 28°C. Water temperatures range between 26°C – 29°C and, when combined with the abundance of tropical fish, marine life, and iconic over-water bungalows, the Maldives is an ideal holiday destination for all water-lovers!

Known for underwater wonders, Noonu atoll is located on the North of Male capital with average geographical stretch. The atoll is also known as Southern Miladhunmadulu Atoll or Miladhunmadulu Dhekunuburi with capital being Manadhoo. There are 71 islands in total including both inhabited and uninhabited ones with total population nearly 20,000. The atoll is elegant with the presence of various luxury private island resorts. The Noonu atoll is well known for its underwater feast of wide range of coral reefs and lagoons that would facilitate endless snorkeling and diving, Orimas Thila being one of them. It remains home to various aquatic animals and species like fusiliers, snappers, spinning dolphins and tip reef sharks. Explore various private island resorts in here
Located north west of capital city, Baa Atoll is another administrative division of Maldives consisting of three separate natural atolls, namely, southern Maalhosmadulu atoll, Fasdhuthere atoll and Goifulhafehendhu atoll. With a total population of more than 12,000 people this atoll boasts of 75 islands among which 13 are inhabited and the rest remain uninhabited in addition to several private island resorts under progress. With a total surface area of approximately 1127 km square, Baa atoll stretches out 38 kilometer wide to east west and 46 kilometer long to north south. It was designated as UNECO’s biosphere reverse in June 2011 which was a significant achievement for Maldives. It houses a large pristine stretch of globally significant biodiversity in its majority of reefs. Providing home to wide varieties of reef animals and fish species whale sharks, manta rays and turtles, the atoll is contributed by 105 spectacular and unspoiled coral reefs with a total reef surface of 263 kilometers. The private island resorts set up across the Baa atoll are;
South Male atoll is separated by 4.5 kilometer wide Vadhoo Kandu channel from North Male atoll. In a sense, South Male atoll keeps a strong proximity to the Valena International Airport in North Male atoll and various other historically relevant spots in the latter. With an area that stretches over 36 kilometer long and 19 kilometer wide, the atoll has 30 islands among which three are inhabited, ten remain uninhabited and 17 developed into private island resorts. Maafushi is the administrative capital of the atoll. Along with beautiful picnic friendly islets and sandbars, the atoll features unspoiled stretch of lagoons and coral reef houses perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. The private island resorts that would welcome guests in here are;
Ари Атолл (Ari Atoll) – полезная информация для планирования тура: карта северной и южной части, подводный мир, где находится и как добраться. Ари Атолл является одним из самых больших атоллов Мальдивских островов. Размеры атолла составляют 89х30 километров. Ари Атолл расположен в западной части архипелага в 70-110 километрах от международного аэропорта Хулуле (Hulhule). Атолл административно делится на северную часть (Alifu Alifu Atoll) и южную часть (Alifu Dhaalu). Разделение на северную и южную часть произошло в 1984 году. В состав атолла входит 105 островов. Всего в атолле около 30 отелей.